Spencer Matthews Reflects On Being ‘Out Of Control’ While On Made In Chelsea

"I had no routine, no motivation, no drive and no plan..."

Via @spencermatthews Instagram

Spencer Matthews opened up about his time on Made In Chelsea in a recent Instagram post and revealed he was “out of control” with his lifestyle at the time.

Sharing a side-by-side image of himself while on the reality show and now he wrote, “In the picture on the left, my life was spiralling out of control. It was during Made In Chelsea and I had a drinking problem. I would drink to excess almost daily and had a deluded sense of grandeur. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and change felt like too much of an effort.

“I thought that because I was a prominent character on a popular TV show that things would just happen for me, not realizing that any kind of real success only comes through hard graft and determination.”

“I had no routine, no motivation, no drive and no plan. My unsustainable appetite for socialising became detrimental to my health and wellness. On the right, 10 years later, I’ve embraced a different lifestyle and have self-discipline and a purpose. I’ve been training religiously, weightlifting three times a week, running, not drinking and being mindful of my health.

“A routine, clear plan and consistency is important. Your goals won’t achieve themselves. I used to be out of breath walking up a single flight of stairs…” he continued.

Now, married to Vogue Williams and father to three children, Spencer has been taking on extreme challenges including a visit to Mt Everest base camp in search of his late brother’s body last year, an emotional journey that was documented for his Disney + doc Finding Michael. Spencer has also made his alcohol-free lifestyle into a business with his non-alcoholic spirits company Clean Co.

Contrasting his previous self to where he is now, Spencer revealed what his next challenge will be, “I’m currently bang in the middle of training for the Jungle Ultra for The Michael Matthews Foundation – a 230km self-sufficient foot race through the Amazon Rainforest.

“MMF was founded over 20 years ago in memory of my late brother Michael who passed away during his descent from the summit of Everest. The foundation works to provide education and safety to children in remote and underprivileged areas in rural Tanzania. We’ve helped over 7000 children so far.

“This race is challenging, but it’s nothing compared to the struggles that these children would face every day without our support…I’m delighted to be running for a cause that means so much to me, and I hope to make Michael proud.”

His comment section was met with a lot of support from friends and followers with Bear Grylls writing, “Well done my friend 🙌🔥” and his former MIC co-star Hugo Taylor writing, “‘prominent character on a popular Tv show’… 😂😂😂. You have come a long way. All very proud. 230km … ouch.”


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