Tasha Ghouri Says She Wants To Move Abroad With Andrew Le Page

Will they return to Mallorca?

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This Love Island couple are already talking houses and where they will be based in the future.

Tasha has shared her ideal plans for the couple during an interview with The UK Sun explaining that it’s not in the near future, but she sees some sunshine in their lives.

“We’d definitely love to move abroad at some point, maybe when we’re a bit older in our late 30s or 40s.

“We do want to have our first home in the countryside here somewhere on the outskirts of London. We’d love to move abroad at some point because I feel like you want that sunshine.”


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We wonder if they’d move over to Mallorca, that is where their love story began in the Love Island villa after all!

The pair have already made a huge commitment to each other, currently living together and with Andrew getting tattoos dedicated to Tasha.

After a rocky start on Love Island, and a few tests along the way, the couple ended up placing fourth in the show’s final and have been getting stronger ever since.


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Recently Tasha shared an emotional post about her life with a cochlear implant, explaining in part, “I deal with social anxiety massively, a lot of that came from the ableist comments I received and still do to this day, common thoughts that run through my head is “what if I can’t hear whoever is speaking to me?”, “What if I completely misunderstand?”, “What if my voice gets judged?” “What if someone comes over and takes out my implant?” and so many more.

“It’s something I’m still coping with and it’s a journey for sure! Most of the time I’d rather just stay in my lil flat and not face it 🤍

Andrew once again shared his support for his girlfriend in the comments posting heart emojis.

We love them so much!


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