The Last-Minute Gift Guide To Finish Your Christmas Shopping

We've got you covered!

It’s Christmas week?! How did that swoop in, more importantly the question is, how are we going to finish our Christmas shopping on time?

Even when we try to be organised certain people or gifts can slip our mind and leave us rushing to the local shops on Christmas eve to get what we can. To save us all from this chaotic trip, we did some research and found the perfect last-minute bits for those we love, whether it’s for your best friend, your parents, or that someone you low-key forgot you needed to buy for.

Get these bits under your tree ASAP and no one will be disappointed on Christmas Day!

Get a gift card for a local restaurant to treat your loved one to a nice meal.

Make a hamper full of all of their favourite treats, wine, a candle some chocolates and a face mask – can’t go wrong!

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamond – Gift Set 2022 €32.50

Airline voucher Aer Lingus and Ryanair both do e-vouchers you can send to your loved ones.


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Send a cameo from their fave celeb! The more niche the celeb, the more pocket friendly these videos are but have a search on the site you could find someone you know they’ll adore a quick hello from!


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