The Most Iconic Celeb Halloween Costumes Of 2022

In celeb world Halloween is the one night a year where they can dress like whatever they want and nobody can say anything...

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Over and done for another year, Halloween 2022 did not dissappoint.  And many celebs went all out for this year’s costume even having mulitple up their sleeves for that all important content.

Whether you were out and about with facepaint on or cuddled up on your couch with a cuppa and Hocus Pocus, we know you want some inspiration for next year and to see all the exrtravagance your fave celebrities pulled out for this spooky season!

From super heros to vegtables we saw a very wide variety of looks this year, here’s who stood out to make our iconic looks list;

Heidi Klum as a worm


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One of the world’s most iconic supermodels, Heidi Klum never misses a chance to shock people on Halloween. Every year she goes all out with prosthetics and costumes to look unrecognisable, and this was no different. Dressing up as a worm on the red carpet is a moment we don’t think we’ll get over anytime soon.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Winnie The Pooh


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Pooh Bear but make it fashion, that’s what Gwyneth Paltrow did this Halloween getting creative with a yellow jumpsuit, and we love this because it actually looks like something we could put together at home. Using what you have to make a costume is always a perk to avoid waste and save some cash!

Kim Kardashian as Mystique


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Kim that you? Taking on Jennifer Lawrence’s X-Men character Kim K wore a full latex bodysuit looking unrecognisable. Although the outfit was top notch, Kim accidentally showed up to her friends birthday dinner in it, and it was not a fancy dress party. There’s no playing that one off…

Kylie Jenner as The Bride of Frankenstein


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We are getting closer and closer to the return of the King Kylie era and this feels very King Kylie. Veering away from the classic ‘pretty’ look Kylie went for something a bit more unexpected and we are here for it. Although she truly made the bride of Frankenstein look smokin’ hot, we love the full production. This was one of five costumes from Miss Jenner this year.

James Kavanagh as Marge Simpson

Possibly our fave this year?! James nails it every year, who could ever forget when he dressed up as his beloved cat Diana, and this year he even took it to the shops. Commitment. Yep, James went browsing in Chanel dressed in full Marge attire, and the shop assistants seemed to love it as much as we do. Iconic status James.

Megan Fox and MGK as Pam and Tommy


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We saw tonnes of Pam and Tommy costumes this year, it was possibly the most popular of the season. But MGK and Megan Fox’s rendition of the pair looked pretty much just like a regular day’s outfit for them two and it had to be noted. Megan can pull off any hairstyle!

Lizzo as Miss Piggy


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Lizzo posted these legendary pictures with the caption, “A tribute to my forever icon, MISS PIGGY. The epitome of grace, style, confidence and a warrior for love. @realmisspiggy i love you 🐽💋”. This is EVERYTHING. Lizzo also sported a Marge Simpson costume as one of her looks.

Nicola Coughlan as Regina George’s mom


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She’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom. Nicola Coughlan took a break from being Penelope Featherington to become the iconic character portrayed by Amy Poehler in Mean Girls and the videos are just perfect! She can do it all.

Kendall Jenner as a slice of cucumber


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Yes Kendall! This is what the world needed from you. Proving she can laugh at herself, Kendall took her viral cucumber cutting moment from this year and made it a costume. True Kris Jenner moves right there, all we need now is merch. Kendall also dressed up as Jessie from Toy Story, but this one definitely wins.