This Beloved Rom-Com May Be Getting A Sequel

Katherine Heigl is getting us back in the wedding mood!

Get ready to catch the bouquet guys and gals!

Katherine Heigl has revealed she’d be more than happy to film a sequel to the 2008 hit rom-com 27 Dresses.

The actress stated in an exclusive interview with E!News that she’s busy living her home life at the minute following the wrap on filming for the latest season of Firefly Lane: “At the moment, it’s solely about the dog food, the children, the animals,” but if someone were to toss her the right script she would jump on it.

Katherine also revealed that she’s dying to do a sequel to her 2008 hit rom-com 27 Dresses which she starred in opposite James Marsden. She said: “I would kill to do a 27 Dresses sequel,” adding how amazing it would be to check in with Jane and Kevin 15 years after their stunning beach wedding.

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In an interview with InStyle Katherine revealed her idea for a sequel and it is actually quite brilliant!

“I have this whole concept that I really want them to do a sequel about. I think that maybe it’s not 10 years later in their relationship, maybe it’s only 5 or 6 years, but she’s not getting pregnant. She’s everybody’s godmother, but she doesn’t have her own. I so want to do that sequel. I think it would be really sweet and charming and interesting. 27 Christenings!”

The 2008 movie follows Jane the perennial bridesmaid as she navigates her way through life never getting to have her own romantic moment. She’s always the bridesmaid clad in rather gaudy and slightly comical outfits (the bonnett had us howling), so when her boss who she’s not so secretly been in love with for years proposes to her sister Tess, Jane gets roped into being their wedding planner and nearly donning her 28th bridesmaid dress.


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While planning Tess and George’s wedding Jane gets to spend more and more time with Kevin the cynical journalist covering the wedding in the New York Journal, but after some serious rom-com moments she realises Kevin may just be the piece she’s been missing in her life.

In her interview with E!News the 44-year-old mum of three noted that there are talks of a new film: “We’re talking a little bit about it, so, we’ll see”.

Keep your fingers crossed!