WATCH: Love Island’s Jessie Reunites With Her Sister After Months Apart

They have landed down under!

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We all know Jessie and Will have headed back to Australia to see Jessie’s family after spending time on Will’s farm for lambing season, but we weren’t prepared for this emotional content.

They have now touched down in Sydney and the reunions have begun. Jessie shared a sweet video of herself seeing her sister for the first time and we can feel the joy through the screen.

Captioning the emotional clip Jessie wrote, “I haven’t seen my sister since she came to visit me in the Love Island Villa back in March and even then, we only had a few minutes to chat. Feels so surreal to have Will here with me here in Sydney to be able properly introduce him to my family as well!!”

But Sydney isn’t their only stop, Jessie assured fans that they would be heading to Tasmania to visit her home too, “I can’t wait until I head back to Tassie to see the rest of the fam!! My family are so important to me and it has felt so weird the last few months not being able to see them in person, especially with all the crazy things that have been happening in my life! It sort of feels like a small part of me was missing but now, I can feel whole again.”

Will has also shared his experience of Oz so far, having also gotten to see her sister and other family members in Sydney.

He wrote, “DAY 1 of Australia. I met Jessie’s nan nan and sister today, what an amazing day we have had. We started [off] the day by going to Jessie’s nan’s house and saw some of the family which was magical. I [tried] my first Australian coffee and also my first Yo-chi. They were both amazing! We then went on to do a workout, and headed back to have a family dinner, where I surprised nan nan with flowers:) SMASHED the first day ❤️”

Sorry, how cute is he bringing flowers?!

We are living for Jessie and Will take Australia, someone send some cameras down under, we’d definitely watch a show about it.


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