We Finally Know Which Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples Tied The Knot

Spoilers below! This article contains spoilers for the Love Is Blind Season 4 finale!

The finale of Love Is Blind season 4 hit Netflix this week and well we want to know just who made it down the aisle. The finale saw four couples prepare to make their way down the aisle after meeting in the pods for the very first time.

Well guess what all four couples made it down the aisle…. but only three made it through the wedding and back out the other side!

Here’s everything that happened during the four finale weddings.

Chelsea and Kwame

via Netflix

We were all left on a cliffhanger at the end of episode 11 when we weren’t sure if Kwame was going to accept Chelsea’s proposal.

Thankfully although leaving us all in a little shock he said YES! The couple appeared to be totally loved up as they enjoyed the rest of their wedding celebrations.

Kwame finally revealed that he did indeed end up making the move from Portland to Seattle and that his mum finally met his wife after refusing to attend the wedding.

Talk about a drama filled wedding!

Tiffany and Brett

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These two gave us hope for the romance and wedding of dreams. Their connection showed throughout their time in the pods and even in the outside world, where most previous couples struggled their relationship just went from strength to strength.

Fanswere nervous to see the outcome of the wedding following Brett’s breakdown in the finale teaser trailer. It seems all is okay as the two are happily married. It was revealed Brett’s ter filled moment was as a result of an incorrectly fitted suit, not any hesitation in marrying Tiffany. Phew!

We’re so ready to hear the lowdown on this couple’s married life during the Love is Blind Reunion.

Micah and Paul

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The trailer was definitely juicy when it came to these two, showing Micah saying to Paul: “I think the best thing I can do for us is give you the opportunity to answer first”.

Paul gave her an answer but sadly it wasn’t the one she was hoping for, he said: “I love you. But I don’t think that we can choose each other right now. I think that we’re not there”.

Micah, heartbroken, fled the wedding in tears. She later revealed she would have said yes to Paul but wanted to be sure of his answer first.

Smart girl!

Bliss and Zack

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A rocky journey was had for these two for sure.

While in the pods, Zack was in a love triangle with Bliss and Irina. He stupidly ended things with Bliss despite his strong feelings for her before deciding to propose to Irina instead.

After realising Irina’s disinterest in him Zack reached out to Bliss and reconnected resulting in the pair making their way down the aisle a total Love is Blind first!


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