You Need To See This Awkward Conversation Between Will And Casey When He Left The Villa

Is there trouble outside of paradise?

Last night, we saw Jessie and Will get voted off Love Island as the final four were revealed.

After the show, Jessie and Will appeared on Aftersun, although in a blunder, Maya Jama accidentally revealed that the pair were guests on that night’s show before they were voted off the main show, oops!

When they appeared on Aftersun, they spoke about the drama between the islanders and their opinion of Jessie’s intentions.

Jessie said, “Do you know what? I actually was really upset about that because I feel like in the villa, I was so nice to everyone and everyone was always so nice to me. And I just didn’t understand where it came from. And it really shocked me that that type of chat was happening behind my back. I’m so open to discussion all the time. It did take me by surprise a bit.


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“But at the end of the day that’s fair enough if that’s what they want to think.”

Will chimed in to call them “snakes”, before Maya showed them an interesting clip of Casey that the pair had never seen before. Remember when he was sharing his views on Jessie with Maxwell and then denied it to Will? Yep, that one.

After the clip, Casey, who was in the crowd, was visibly shocked by the reveal, although he stood by that he and will chatted and he was honest.

Will pointed to Casey and called him a snake, adding that it was a “bit of a surprise to see”. It is quite awkward…

Watch it for yourself here:


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Will, Casey and Tom had an “iconic” friendship in the villa, even thinking about moving in together at some point, but will this cause a rift between the pair as Tom awaits tonight’s final inside the villa?

We will be watching this space…

Casey shared a selfie with Will on his Instagram today, so hopefully it means all is well between the pals.

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