Beauty Lovers Rejoice: Kat Von D Has All But Confirmed A Lolita Palette!

Be still our beating hearts!

We have been huge fans of Kat Von D since the days of Miami Ink, before the idea of her own makeup range was even a suggestion. Since the launch back in 2008, we have just become more and more obsessed, so the news of a potential brand new eyeshadow palette has our undivided attention.

Arguably one of the greatest products to come from the Kat Von D range is the stunningly beautiful chestnut rose shade, Lolita liquid lipstick. It’s one of those Kylie Lip Kit type products (we can never get our hands on it) and has been a staple in many beauty bloggers makeup bags for years.

So imagine the hysteria when Kat announced on Instagram that the super popular shade is to be made into an eye shadow! Well that’s what happened today and the post revealing the big announcement, posted only last night, has more than 125,000 likes.

“Yup. You heard right. Our beloved @katvondbeauty lipstick shade “Lolita” is NOW AN EYESHADOW! Never thought I’d be addicted to one single shadow until now. ” Kat captioned the pic.

But wait….It gets better! Fans sounded off their excitement in the comments, suggesting that Kat release a full eyeshadow palette based on her most popular shades of lippies. One fan posted the comment “Lolita palette in the works….. hopefully” What an amazing idea right? Well Kat herself must have thought so too as she teased fans by replying to the comment with “Just you wait”

We’re taking that as (almost) confirmation that a Lolita palette is making its way to our shelves as we speak…