Boohoo Have Been Called Out For Selling A ‘Faux Fur’ Jumper That Was Found To Contain Real Animal Fur

The jumper is believed to be made with rabbit fur.

Boohoo have come under fire for selling a jumper that contained real animal fur, despite it being advertised as faux.

The product, listed online as a “Faux Fur Pom Pom Jumper”, was tested by animal welfare group Humane Society International (HSI) after they had suspicions that the pom poms on the jumper were made from real fur. The jumper was available to buy in September 2018 and described online as being 100 per cent acrylic.

HSI sent the jumper to get tested for real fur by an independent textiles analysis expert, who confirmed the organisation’s suspicions that the item did contain real animal fur that is believed to be rabbit.

The group made a formal complaint to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority stating that the ad was misleading.

The online retailer stated that it was their understanding that the jumper did not contain real fur and that they  “… had a strong commitment against the sale of real fur in any of their products.”

Their statement read: “The items were obtained from an external UK-based supplier, who were aware of Boohoo’s commitment against the sale of real fur and had signed a supplier acknowledgement form committing to not supplying products containing real fur.

“Boohoo had withdrawn the product from sale on their website until the matter was resolved and had stopped placing further orders with the supplier.”

The fashion brand has since withdrawn the product from sale and has stopped placing orders with the external UK-based supplier.


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