Boys And Their Beauty Booty – Here’s What These A-List Dudes Are Packin’

In their overnight bags, obvs - we've got the low-down on what's in Benedict's overnight bag, what product Matthew McConaughey swears by, and what keeps David Gandy's er, skin looking so good.

Benedict Cumberbatch loves Dr Bronners

When Amazon did some snooping in the baskets of A-list slebs, Benedict Cumberbatch’s wish list included Dr Bronner’s Organic Shikakai Hand & Body Soap. Which, okay, is nice – we <3 Dr Bronner’s and always stock up when we’re Stateside – but couldn’t they have found something a little more salacious?! Let’s move on.

David Gandy organic rosehip oil

David Gandy – seen here in his glorious pants, for M&S – has previously confessed his love of organic rosehip oil, for his “dehydrated skin”. You’ll get this version, by Sukin, from, for €19.37. (We should point out just how difficult it was to get that pool of oil into a reasonably PG position.)

Jay Fielden John Masters Organics Lip Calm

Next up it’s Jay Fielden, editor of Town and Country, who told Into The Gloss (our absolute #1 beauty site, and the reason for a lot of our daily procrastination) that he won’t go anywhere without his John Masters Organics Lip Calm. (What is it with these men and their organics?!)

Matthew McConaughey Kiehls Oil Eliminator

Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey recently revealed that he’s a big fan of Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator range, which uses ingredients “from nature” (not the same as “organic”, but along the same lines) to reduce shine and eliminate greasiness. This may be something we’ll be picking up for our other halves… The range starts at €21 for the Refreshing Shine Control Toner.

Yashua Simmons Shiseido masks


Finally, this beautiful man is Yashua Simmons, Elle’s assistant editor, who – also in convo with Into the Gloss – confessed that his go-to product is the Shiseido Benefiance Eye Mask, which soothes tired eyes and reduces swelling. Sounds like one we’ll be picking up next time we’re in BT

The conclusion? Pick up some beauty booty for the man or men in your lives – if anything, it’ll stop him nicking yours. Our Clinique Turnaround Night cream is ours, and ours only, buddy!