Brooke Shields Is Suing Charlotte Tilbury For Naming An Eyebrow Pencil After Her

The actress says she didn't consent for her name to be used.

Instagram/Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is suing makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury for naming an eyebrow pencil after her without her consent.

The 53-year-old actress, who is famed for her bushy brows, is objecting to the Tilbury brand calling a shade of its Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil ‘Brooke S’.

According to the legal complaint, Brooke was ‘shocked’ earlier this year to discover that her name was being used for a Charlotte Tilbury product.

In a statement to People magazine, Brooke’s attorney said that her eyebrows have been her trademark since the 1980s:

Charlotte Tilbury and its related retailers have attempted to profit off of Brooke’s signature look by stamping Brooke’s name on an eyebrow pencil without her consent. This is an egregious violation of Brooke’s rights, which we will litigate vigorously to vindicate.

The actress is seeking damages from Charlotte Tilbury, and wants the product to be pulled from stores.

Brooke has not endorsed any cosmetics since she collaborated with MAC in 2014, and according to the suit, has been looking into creating her own line with a focus on eyebrow products.

Many of Charlotte Tilbury’s products pay homage to her famous clients and other beauty icons – other shades of the Brow Lift pencils are called ‘Cara D’ (for Cara Delevingne) and ‘Grace K’ (Grace Kelly).

The brand has a range of lipsticks named after celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford, who worked with Charlotte to create the shades.