Brush Or Fingers? This Is The Correct Way To Apply Your Foundation

The age-old debate has finally been settled.


It’s the one beauty dilemma that has the STELLAR office divided: is it best to apply foundation with a make-up brush or your fingertips?

Those of us who love to get handy with a brush say it creates a more flawless, airbrushed finish and importantly doesn’t leave us with a mess of make-up all over our hands, and, er, every other door knob or surface in our house, while the gals who go sans brush say they love the way the heat from their fingertips helps the foundation to easily blend into the skin.

So which is best? Well, according to Birchbox make-up artist Shain Kish you should be using a combination of both.

Talking to she explains that when you’re dealing with peach fuzz – those fine little hairs on your face, that often become more visible when you’ve applied your make-up “the most effective thing you can do is apply foundation with your fingers against the grain of your hair, then go back over with a brush to push the hairs back into their natural pattern. This technique works like double stick tape – it adheres the hair to the face really well,” she explains.

So now you know. We like to go over our base with a BeautyBlender to blend out any harsh edges and then set it with a loose dusting of transculent powder too.

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