Calling All Skincare Fanatics: The Skin Nerd Is Releasing A Second Book

Introducing, The Skin Nerd Philosophy: Your Expert Guide to Skin Health!


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All skin nerds rejoice, Jennifer Rock, a.k.a The Skin Nerd, has announced the launch of her second book: The Skin Nerd Philosophy: Your Expert Guide to Skin Health. Skincare can be such a confusing topic, so another book packed with Jennifer’s uber professional advice is more than welcomed.

Jennifer’s second book delves into movements such as skin positivity and skin neutrality, discusses the link between skin and mental health as explored through the field of psychodermatology (that’s explained more too), and provides easy-to-follow protocols and rundowns on specific ingredients and products for different skin concerns and scenarios.

With advice from experts in the fields of dermatology, healthcare, psychology, nutrition, wellness and beauty, The Skin Nerd Philosophy is your multi-disciplinary guide to accepting the skin you’re in while taking care of its health. Sounds like exactly what we need, tbh.

Speaking about The Skin Nerd Philosophy, Jennifer said, “I’ve always been an advocate of looking after the skin with a 360˚ approach: inside, outside and on top. I believe in taking this a step further for total skin health, beyond the hands of a facialist or products alone, with the advice of those who can help you tackle stress, for example, or those who can offer a medical opinion.”

“My goal is to bring expertise from each sector and educate our readers as to what is available to help them to achieve the results they desire.”

When it comes to our journey with our skin, Jennifer has one philosophy: she wants people to feel educated, enlightened and empowered and here, in her new book, she shows us how we can transform the way we think and feel about our skin by understanding what it needs.

‘The Skin Nerd Philosophy: Your Expert Guide to Skin Health’ is available to pre-order on and, and will launch on 24th September of this year, for €17.99.


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