Camo Trackies And Cycling Shorts – We Confess Our Unpopular Fashion Opinions

Maybe we’re just too basic for a camo tracksuit *shrugs*

Us gals here at STELLAR Towers have been taking note of the popular YouTube trend ‘unpopular opinions’ that has been circulating on the wonderful web as of late. YouTubers far and wide have been taking to their platforms to express their disliked opinions. From movies to makeup, no area has been left un-criticised.

So, prone to an opinion or two, we thought today we would share our unpopular fashion opinions, or ‘fashun’, if you will. You may totally agree with us on some of these or maybe you will think we’re mad, and that’s okay.

There are quite a few looks and trends out there that we have a little difficulty getting our heads around, here are our top five:

Camo Tracksuits

Camo as a fashion look in general we find difficult to understand, unless you’re in the army, or Gwen Stefani, of course. Camo tracksuits however, we are totally lost with (pun intended). Okay they do look a little comfortable, but the camo on camo we just can’t really get our head around. Soz.


Okay hear us out on this one before you go away. Yes, we wear bodysuits, yes we love how bodysuits look on us, but do we enjoy the actual bodysuit itself? No. When you’re 5 vodka and blackcurrants deep on a night out, and you are desperately trying to clip and unclip yourself in the pub toilets, it can be said that bodysuits are an awful invention, only serving the purpose of torturing us. Case closed. (But we’re probs still gonna wear them anyway).

Cycling Shorts


We blame Kim K for this one. Maybe we’re just not cool enough to pull it off, but this trend has been all over the gram’ recently and we just cannot get on board with it. Unless worn under a skirt or dress for dignity reasons, it’s a big fat NO from us.


Keeping on the theme of blaming the Kardashians for nonsense fashion trends, caps are something we are  just not vibing. Yes, they might be handy for bad hair days, but that’s what normal hats are for. We live in Ireland, there is very little need for a hat that acts as protection from the sun. Now stick on a bobble hat and ssshh.

Off the shoulder shirts

Okay, admittedly, we may have tried this one. However, we soon learned that this trend is a total hoax, and only looks good when you are propped into a position where there is no chance of the shirt falling down. So, basically if you are planning on wearing your shirt like this, you can’t move, yay! Looks cool, is very impractical, 2/10. Learn from our mistakes.


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