Cheryl’s Top Skin Care Hack Is Surprisingly Affordable And You Probably Already Own It

Her routine is pretty low maintenance.

Cheryl’s been keeping a very low profile since giving birth to her first son, Bear, on 22nd March, but now she’s officially back to work.

The 34-year-old sat down with Vogue to discuss her beauty regime since becoming a mum, and it’s super easy and totally affordable. She began by saying, “Honestly, for the past few months I haven’t had a beauty regime. Because you get up, you’re with the baby, he naps maybe two or three times a day and in that time that he’s napping you’re doing all the other stuff that needs to be done, like washing up and cleaning his clothes.

“So you don’t really have time for yourself in the beginning. It’s not until you adjust and get into a pattern with your child that you can then start making new time, which has just been recently for me. It’s like: Oh My God I’d forgotten about all this!”

The Fight For This Love singer continues, “I do cleanse before bed – whether or not I’m wearing make-up, because of pollution and things like that – and I do drink a lot of water. And wearing an SPF is vital.”

But her secret to gorgeous skin lies in one particular (and very versatile) product. She says, “Coconut oil is amazing. You can use it on your hair, as a mask, on your face, on your body, in your bath, you can eat it, you can put it on the baby…” And it’s something most of us have in the fridge anyway!

Cheryl continues, “And I started putting oils in the bath with me, oils like Bio Oil, so when I get out I’m already moisturised. It’s one less thing to do. I mean, be careful you don’t slip – I don’t want to be responsible for that!”

Will you take on the singer’s advice?

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