Did Someone Say Tan Thursday? You Need To See This TikTok Tanning Hack

Did someone say *gamechanger*

An Irish woman and her fake tan is a match made in heaven. What on earth would we do without our little bottles of summer?

However, the only downside to fake tan is the amount of time and effort it takes to apply it. Nothing short of a military opperation, we’ve got the routine down now that our social lives have begun to pick up again – shave, shower, exfoliate, moisturise dry bits, whack on tan, shower again the next morning.

The only thing our routine doesn’t allow time for is – you’ve guessed it, streaks! Nothing is more heartbreaking than waking up after Tan Thursday to realise it’s a mess. Luckily, a viral TikTok hack is saving us from landing in that situation again.

In the video, user @foamy3 can be seen explaining how she fakes a spray tan at home for a fraction of the price, simply by applying her fake tan with a spray bottle instead of a mousse of mitt.


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“It’s a consistent sprayer kind of like an aerosol can. So, you can take off the lid and fill it up with whatever you want,” she explained.

Picking up the handy contraption on Amazon, Erica shares the tan she likes to use, which is the ‘Isle of Paradise’ refiller. However, we reckon any liquid tan will do the job just fine, so grab your favourite and get to spraying!

If you’re a little skeptical if the hack will work out, take to the comments section of the clip to see for yourself.

“I work in a salon and that sprayer is essentially the same thing we use, I would recommend for sure” said one person.

“Wait I tried this and it actually works, never going back to mitts again”