Discontinued: You Won’t Be Seeing This Popular Make-Up Brand On Shelves Anymore

Stock up now while you still can.

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There’s nothing more infuriating than finding make-up you absolutely love only to have it discontinued by the brand, but sadly, a lot of women are about to face that disappointment.

Estee Lauder has announced that it’s line, The Estee Edit, is to be scrapped, despite only being on shelves for one year.

The Estee Edit was originally launched to attract younger women to the Estee Lauder brand, and they hired Kendall Jenner to be the face of the collection in the hope that she’d attract millennials.

It was sold exclusively in the States from beauty haven, Sephora, and from Selfridges in the UK. Now, according to a statement, the Estee Edit will only be available until September. After that, customers can choose whether they want to stick with the Estee Lauder brand or experiment with a new make-up brand completely.

The statement said, “Estée Lauder created The Estée Edit collection for Sephora to recruit millennial consumers. Simultaneous efforts by the core Estée Lauder brand have recruited millennials via digital and make-up at an unprecedented rate.

“Therefore, after a year of valuable insights and learnings, we have decided that a separate brand in North America dedicated to recruiting millennials is no longer necessary. We are committed to our partnership with Sephora and we are working closely to strengthen our business in Sephora and develop exciting new programs.”

So basically, young women are buying so much of the original brand that The Estee Edit is no longer needed… At least fans of the make-up have a couple of months to stock up.

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