Do This One Thing To Make Any Lipstick Work With Your Skin Tone

Er, who says you can't wear that mad red shade? Here's how to make every single lippy work for you.

bright red lipstick

That lippie looked great under the bright lights of the make-up counter, so great in fact, that you were prepared to shell out €21 for it.

Now in the cold, harsh light of your bedroom, you can see that the colour looks totally off and it doesn’t suit you at all.

Another lippie you’ll never use, huh?

Um, nope, before you toss that lippie into the back of your beauty cabinet, you should give this little trick a try.

Speaking to Byrdie about how they made the same hue work for every girl in their SS16 show, MAC make-up artist Romero Jennings explains that you simply mix the lip colour with a concealer that matches your individual skin tone.

“That means you can take one lipstick and stretch it so the colour works for every skin tone,” he explains.

“As your skin changes throughout the season, you use a different concealer,” he adds. “So, this way the one colour can work all year. It’s a blurred, I’ve been kissed look. It’s not heavy, we’re using soft brushes for the lip as opposed to a traditional lip brush. There’s no defined line. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s individual.”

Got it. I guess this justifies another trip to MAC then, yeah?


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