Dream Dinner Party With… Digital Creator Tara Marzuki

"It's been a JOURNEY"

Tara Marzuki (or @tarmarz, as she’s otherwise known) has just moved back to Ireland after 8 years in NYC.

The digital creator and OG blogger has been entertaining us with her content for years, and now she’s ready to enter her new era – back home where it all began.

“It’s never easy making the decision to return after almost ten years away,” she says. “It’s definitely an adjustment but 31 felt like the right age and I already feel so much more growth and love in my life since getting back!” 

Tara says that 2024 feels like an exciting year, and that she’s been enjoying documenting her transition back into Irish life.

“It’s been a JOURNEY but besides that I’m working on some personal creative projects that I hope are going to provide a lot of guidance and support for anyone really, but especially women navigating life,” she says.

“I don’t shy away from hurdles and challenges and encouraging women to live authentically. It’s an important pillar in what I put out into the world so I want to develop that much more and in different ways, that’s my current big goal! Watch this space!” 

Tara adds thats the content creation industry has changed a lot since she left Ireland – for the better.

“When I left there was maybe handful of people actually making it full time, and at that you were rarely getting paid by Irish based brands and companies,” she says.

“There was just no budget there for that kind of thing but since I’ve been away it’s really boomed and I find it very cool that anybody with a bit of dedication can carve out an audience here and it’s not seen as super weird anymore!

“It’s probably more competitive here but I think social media is one of those industries where there is room for everyone to succeed and grow.” 

You’re throwing your dream dinner party. If you could choose from anyone in the world, who would be your ideal guests be?

I know people probably pick celebrities for this but as somebody that doesn’t enjoy small talk and would want deep meaningful conversations and a barrel of belly laughs instead I’m not taking a risk on a celeb!

My dream dinner guests are Ruth, Edelle, & Natalia my Irish girls that I corralled into a group while in New York, but now everyone lives in different places and I miss the beautiful chaos of when we are all together!

Would you have a theme or a dress code?

I would have us wear whatever makes us feel beautiful, we all have a strong sense of personal style that’s a bit unique from each other but think we all admire and take aspects and inspiration from each other too.

What are you cooking? 

Definitely a sharing situation of lots of spicy authentic Chinese food – cooking would eat into time nattering to the high heavens, all speaking over each other so it would definitely be takeaway somehow flown in on a private jet from Bird’s of a Feather in Brooklyn, our favourite girls night haunt!

Time to get ready! What are you wearing?

I’m a jeans and a nice top kinda millennial – vintage Levi’s work for almost any occasion so a pair of 90s Levi’s and probably some kind of fitted black top with chunky minimal earrings and rings.

Everyone’s arriving: what music are you playing to set the mood?

A playlist on Spotify called ‘posi push 4H’ that I stole from a waiter at The Four Horsemen in Brooklyn full of obscure songs I’ve never heard but that somehow is the perfect background playlist for when anyone comes to visit! 

What are you and your guests chatting about at the table?

Laughing at each other’s tragically bad decision making, without a doubt – all contributing rational good advice knowing that we all are going to do whatever we do for the plot regardless!

Do you have a signature cocktail to serve?

Ouuu, yes a homemade amaretto sour – it always makes a fun refreshing welcome drink that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

What about dessert? Sweet or a cheese board?

Dessert 10000%, picture 4 spoons attacking the one serving of brownie and ice cream.

Is there entertainment?

There’s rarely room for any, the animated story telling usually is hard to put a cork in for any length of time but if I was completely in control of some entertainment I’d probably hire a tarot card reader, I think we would all be into that!

How does the night wrap up? Is it a late one, or more chill? 

Knowing us, we don’t like super late ones so wrapping up at around 11-11.30 so we could be tucked up in bed by midnight with sore muscles from laughing and no chance of a hangover the next day would be ideal <3.