Dreaming Of Beautiful Natural Lashes But Have Sensitive Eyes? RevitaLash Cosmetics Has The Solution

STELLAR PROMOTION: Editor in chief, Vicki Notaro explains her love for the brand

We’ve discovered an easy, fuss-free method of enhancing your own natural eyelashes, and all it takes is a swipe at night and a little patience. 

RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is a physician-developed, lash-enhancing formula designed to improve the health and beauty of lashes. In a six-week independent consumer study conducted with 63 participants, 98% of users experienced improved lash appearance, healthier-looking, and stronger lashes. 

And so did our very own editor in chief Vicki Notaro, who started using RevitaLash® Advanced during the first lockdown and was absolutely amazed at the results. 

Now for the first time comes RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner, formulated specifically for those with increased sensitivity around the eye area. Its unique encapsulated time-release technology is designed to be gentle on sensitive eyes, allowing for powerful peptides and botanicals to protect against breakage and brittleness while improving flexibility and shine to deliver bold, beautiful, lush lashes—all with less irritation. 

In an eight-week consumer study with 161 participants, 97% of those studied did not experience redness and 93% did not experience irritation— despite the fact that nearly 20% of study participants had sensitivity/ irritation to other lash serums they had used in the past. So even those with the most delicate of peepers can have beautiful lashes!

Established in 2006, the RevitaLash® Cosmetics story began with just one product – the original lash conditioning serum – inspired by the immense love between founder Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff and his beloved wife Gayle, as a solution to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer.

The brand’s Eternally Pink® pledge means it donates to breast cancer research year-round and not just in October.

But that’s not all… 

Ever feel like your eyes are dry and irritated after removing heavy eye makeup? Well, RevitaLash® Cosmetics don’t want you to undo all your good work with their eyelash conditioner by scrubbing at and pulling out your delicate lashes! They’ve also released Micellar Water Lash Wash, which is a gentle, yet effective micellar water formula that draws out impurities to remove makeup, dirt, and oil without drying the skin. The new formula is now even gentler for sensitive eyes and is safe for use with eyelash extensions.

The product is formulated with unique Micelle Technology that attracts and draws out impurities without leaving any film or residue; Panthenol, a natural humectant that hydrates and helps fortify lashes and brows to renew and defend against breakage and brittleness; and Aloe & Chamomile, anti-aging botanicals that deliver soothing moisture while calming the skin to prepare lashes and brows for RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced.

Here’s what editor, Vicki Notaro, has to say about the brand. 

I love when STELLAR gets to work with a brand that I’m already a consumer of, and such is the case with RevitaLash® Cosmetics. I purchased a tube of RevitaLash® Advanced in the depths of Lockdown 1.0 out of curiosity and began using it every night as the last step of my beauty routine – just a swipe to the upper lashes. For a while, I didn’t see much difference and that’s where the crucial patience comes in because soon, it was like BAM! Lush lashes that just were stronger and healthier than ever.

I repurchased, but after about a year and two tubes I got lazy and forgot, and within a couple of months I noticed my lashes weren’t looking as fabulous anymore. Of course, our eyelashes are really delicate, so continued use of the conditioner is key. I will admit that I tried a cheaper rival I saw advertised on Instagram, but that brand irritated my eyes, so I soon stopped.

Back to RevitaLash® Advanced I went earlier this year, and I am so thrilled with my lashes now. Before I go on holiday in a few weeks, all Ill get is a tint and Ill feel confident wont need to wear mascara in the pool to feel confident with my natural lashes. 

I can recommend RevitaLash® Advanced personally and have done to many of my friends and family. You won’t regret it.

RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner 2.0mL is available for €110 on revitalash.ie from 12th September 2022.


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