Eh, How Much?! The Average Amount Irish Women Spend On Beauty Products Has Been Revealed

And it's a helluva lot, FYI.

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We’ve got a habit and it involves cosmetics. Lots and lots of cosmetics.

But, while we’re perfectly conscious of all the money we waste on takeaway cappuccinos every morning and the spends we drop on G&Ts each weekend, we’re a little bit oblivious when it comes to the cash we’re putting towards make-up and skincare.

Ignorance is bliss after all, right?

Well, just in case you wanted to know the true cost of your cosmetics addiction, Superdrug have compiled a survey revealing just that.

Beauty Bag

Here goes: in a lifetime we’re dropping €20, 878.24 on make-up alone.

Add to that, we’re also spending an additional €10,130.14 on skincare, taking the lifetime cost to over €30,000… just on products for your face.

That’s money that’d cover the cost of a really nice car or go towards a deposit on a house.

Shocking, right? Of course, that doesn’t even include other treatments like waxing, threading, facials and blow drys that we get on the reg or all the shampoo, conditioner and hair goodies we go through.

Does it mean we’re going to stop buying MAC lipsticks and weaning ourselves off eyeshadow palettes?

Hell to the no. It takes money to look this good.

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Now excuse us, while we purchase another Kylie Lip Kit, two more contouring kits, and a brightening product we probably don’t need.


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