Epilators Aren’t As Scary As You Think – In Fact, They’re The Lazy Girl’s Ticket To Smooth Legs

Say hello to your new best friend.

Be prepared for your life to change for the better. You can thank me after.

Let me introduce you to the epilator. New to many Irish women’s vocabulary, this little device has the ability to turn your legs, underarms, and erm, other areas from prickly to smooth with the flick of a switch. Aren’t epilators really painful and scary? I hear you cry, but hear me out.

Whether you choose to remove your body hair or not is your choice. For me, I like to remove mine. However when I say remove, I really mean that I am a bit prickly 90% of the time until an event comes along which involves me showing a bit of skin, which is when I then take on the task of de-prickling myself. After that I let myself go a bit once more, only to repeat the same process a month or so later when another occasion raises its head.

If you are a bit like me and enjoy the feeling of being smooth and hairless but are a little bit lazy and could not be bothered with the whole shaving malarkey on a regular basis, then this may just be the gadget for you.

The device looks like a normal lady shaver that you probably got when you first started shaving your legs during your early teenage years. However with this one you have the option to not only cut the hair on your body, but to pull it out. Yeah, I said pull it out.

Before you go running away over how traumatic that thought is, remember: We are women, we push tiny humans out of our special places, this is no big deal to us. To get a little bit technical, the device works by using spinning disks to grab the hair on skin level while simultaneously, the rotating motion of the moving parts on the device pulls the hair away from the root. In simpler terms, it’s a bit like a giant tweezers that you run up and down your legs while it rips out any hair on the skin.

Moving onto the important questions I know you are all screaming: Is it painful? And more importantly, does it work? To answer those: A little and HELL YES. The sensation is similar to that of being lightly stung by a bee, however it is entirely bearable, and if you are lucky enough to have a high pain threshold then chances are you probably won’t feel a thing. Once you have endured the process, the subjected area will remain smooth for up to two weeks. On top of that, constant use of the epilator causes the hair to become thinner and finer, meaning that you will have to use the device less and less, resulting in the process becoming almost painless over time.

If you are someone who likes to remove their body hair, are a little bit lazy, and are looking for a more affordable alternative to waxing then we may have just found the perfect option for you – and I am happy to have been the guinea pig for that. A range of different epilators ranging in prices are available on Argos.


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