Everything Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

All the bits we're loving this week.

Happy Friday!

It’s officially the weekend and it’s looking like it’s set to be a hot one.

Or rather, it’ll be at least over 13 degrees and at this stage that’s good enough for us.

We’ve been spending the week indulging in food, checking out beauty products, and watching some lovely plants grow.

It’s been great. Here’s some more about that.

Jade H is loving… Gorgeous lips


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Who among us isn’t, tbf?

LANCÔME this year released their L’absolu Rouge Intimatte collection. We were lucky enough to try them out at STELLAR HQ this week, and it should go without saying – these lipsticks are fire.

The line is enriched in skin-caring properties to create an almost veil-like, blur effect on the lips. The colours are bold (and there’s 20 of them!), but they’re also soft and subtle, creating a gorgeous matte finish while also leaving your lips feeling super soft.

My favourite shade is ‘cosy sexy’ – it’s stunning.

Lorna is loving… Hydra facials

via Thérapie

I’m not usually a facial kinda gal, they tend to leave my face feeling tight and not in a good way. But, I’m a fiend for anything hydrating, so I was so excited when I was invited into Thérapie Clinic for my first Hydra Facial. I wanted to see if I’d end up liking it and if it would leave me with a hydrated feeling as opposed to the tight dried up one I usually feel.

Well, I was absolutely delighted by it. We started off with a deep but gentle cleanse to help loosen dead skin cells and prep for exfoliation and extraction. They then applied a facial peel to remove any surface dead skin cells and blackheads before taking a deep dive into my pores with the suction machine to extract any dirt, oil and debris. Finally two layers of Hyaluronic acid were applied, adding moisture back to the skin.

My skin felt plump and hydrated after. It was slightly red which is to be expected, but that went down after an hour or so. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed and will definitely be back.

Jade H is loving… Tasty Indian

It’s officially the weekend – and you know what that means.

Takeaway, and lots of it. Or, if you’re feeling a little boujie, take yourself out somewhere for a nice meal. You deserve.

If you’re planning on doing either of the above, may I suggest the newly opened Inchicore Indian restaurant, Kari.

The husband-and-wife team behind Konkan on Clanbrassil Street and in Dundrum have just opened their latest offering and judging by the menu, it’s safe to say we’re only dying to book ourselves a table.

Crab and prawn kebabs? Cauliflower ghassi? Kale and samphire pakoras? See you there, yeah?

Lorna is loving… SPF


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As we get closer and closer to summer and the days are getting longer and brighter, we need to make extra sure that we’re applying our SPF. Bondi Sands now have an SPF for everyone from tinted to transparent and hydrating to matte.

I’ve tried so many SPFs that promise all sorts but when you try them they leave a white streak and overall just don’t sit well on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to experience none of this with Bondi Sands’ SPF 50+, I was even able to apply makeup on top of it without it looking lumpy or cracked.

I found the spray SPF to be brilliant for bringing on long walks too. I walk to the hill of Howth quite regularly, so being able to reapply SPF without getting it all over my hands has been an absolute life saver!

Jade H is loving… Lovely orchids

Now to just keep them alive.

Flowers brighten up any room, and orchids may just be a king among flowers. They’re colourful, they’re pretty, and they’re oh-so-very tall.

This particular orchid was delivered to me this week by Nature Safe, whose recent survey found that 40% of Irish people admit to unintentionally killing their houseplants. Guilty.

The brand carried out the research the mark the release of their new range made using hand-harvested seaweed from the Connemara coastline. 

I’ll have me some of that, tnx.

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