Everything You Need To Know About BIAB

Here is everything you need to know about beauty’s new obsession!


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If you’re a nail-addict like me you are sure to have heard of BIAB – if not, strap in for your new favourite nail product! Here is everything you need to know about beauty’s new obsession.

The brainchild of Daisy Kalnina, the founder and CEO of the Gel Bottle Inc, BIAB (also known as Builder In A Bottle) has taken the beauty world by storm. An alternative to gel, shellac and acrylic nails, the BIAB formula was designed to strengthen your natural nail whilst also giving you the polished gel-nail look. Founded in 2015, the Gel Bottle has pioneered healthy nail care since the brand’s inception and BIAB is the foundation of this fabulous brand.

So, how does BIAB work?

The BIAB formula is applied similarly to regular gel polish, needing to be cured by either a LED or UV light. However, unlike gel, BIAB is also a self-levelling formula and is available at similar prices to gel or shellac at salons all over the country.

The formula is designed to be extra durable to allow your nails to grow naturally underneath the product and protect the nail so it has the opportunity to strengthen and grow without weakening your nail’s barriers, like some products. You can use the product on your natural nails or even with short extensions if you’re a stiletto nail shape kinda girly.

Why do people love it so much?

If regular gel removal is the bane of your nail care routine, BIAB has you covered. The formula can be refilled rather than taken off before each reapplication and when you do need to have them taken off, there’s no need for harsh drills. Instead the formula can be soaked off with acetone but since the formula is refillable, there is less need to expose your nails to chemicals when you have your nails redone. The soft chip resistant formula keeps you nails more flexible and allows you to get more out of your nails and keep you looking fresher for longer.

Have you ever felt that hot pain that goes through your nails when you put them under a UV light? Well the Gel Bottle Inc has solved this problem and created BIAB with 50% less HEMA so you can avoid heat spikes and enjoy your nail appointment every time.Β And for all those wondering, the formula is also completely vegan and Peta approved to follow their global animal testing policy, so you know this is a brand and formula you can trust.

If you needed even more convincing, BIAB is adored by celebrities world-over, with fans even including the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and the iconic style queen, Ms. Bella Hadid. Become a celebrity (in nail care at least!) and join the BIAB gang to get stronger nails for longer.