Eye-Lighting: The Make-Up Hack That’ll Instantly Hide Your Hangover

Eye bags be gone!

Eye Lighting

Had a late one last night?

Chances are if you were partying until the little hours last then you’re feeling – and looking – a little worse for wear this morning.

Don’t fret though because if you’re not looking so fresh but you’ve somewhere you need to be then we’ve just discovered a deadly hack.

It’s called eye-lighting and it can nix tired eyes in a flash.

So what is it? Basically, eye-lighting is strobing for the inner corner of your eyes. You use a few strategically-placed dabs of highlighter around the eyes to nix any darkness and brighten up your overall look.

You’ll want to start with products that boost hydration under the eyes. We like No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Eye Cream, €23.50.

Once you’ve applied your under-eye concealer as normal, you should dab on an eye primer like YSL Eye Couture Eye Primer, €28 to give your product staying power.

Now for the fun part. Grab your favourite highlighter (We’re massive fans of The Balm Mary-Louminiser, €21.50) and an eyeshadow brush and begin dotting it around your eyes, focusing on the inner corner of your eye, around the tear duct.

Still not looking so fresh? Dust a little extra product under the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose and over the top of cheekbones for instant luminosity.

Hangover? What hangover?

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