Facial Hair In MAC’s New Advert Has Instagram Talking

We are ALL about that realness

Poreless, hairless and perfectly airbrushed. That is the usual model image we are used to being bombarded with across social media. Creating a negative body image among normal women, it is about high time that something changes.


This change may just be happening sooner than we think, with MAC Cosmetics deciding to keep things natural in their recent lip colour advert.

The makeup brand shared an image of a model wearing their Chestnut lip pencil, and made no attempt to blur or edit out the models pores or lip hair (which is great because you know, humans do have those).

The brand are now receiving praise for their move, and we are HERE for their showcase of realness.

One fan commented, “Thank you Mac. Beauty is not always about perfection. Color is gorgeous. And shock horror woman have hair on their bodies!! Who knew right!”

“So in love and so revolutionary !!!! Naturalize !!! Congrats for it !!!!!” another wrote.

While the post did not go without the odd nasty comment or two, we are just going to ignore them and carry on celebrating MAC for making a positive step in the right direction.

Bloody marvellous!