Forget The Salon! You Can Tint Your Eyebrows At Home With These Three Kitchen Cupboard Staples

We're willing to give it a go. Are you?

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When Kylie Jenner recently revealed that her perfectly preened eyebrows were all down to some smart tinting, we doubt that she meant she was at home mixing together the colour and applying it herself.

But for gals who don’t want to splash the cash on a regular brow tint, beauty blogger Jennifer Chiu says you can totally do it DIY by combining three products you’d usually have at breakfast: coffee, chocolate and honey.

Sounds bizarre, right? Well Jennifer claims it works and all you need to do is mix up the ingredients and apply the product to your eyebrows using an angled brush.

The catch? It’ll take a helluva lot longer than your regular at-home salon tint. About 20 minutes to be precise.

Still, if it’ll save us a few treks to the salon then we’re in.

Check out Jennifer’s vid below to see how it’s done.