Game-Changer! This YouTuber Has A Great Tip For Removing Peach Fuzz On Your Face

She's tried ALL the methods, and here's what worked best.

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Like getting a bikini wax, a root touch-up or a hair trim, getting rid of facial hair is just a necessary has-to-be-done beauty errand for many women.

If you’ve never done it before though, the whole idea can be a bit daunting. It’s your face after all – what if something goes wrong?

That’s why we’re loving this new video from New Zealand-based beauty vlogger Shaaanxo, which details the various different methods she’s used for getting rid of peach fuzz “on my upper lip, on the sides of my face and on my temples.”


As Shannon notes, removing facial hair might not be something every woman wants to do, but for her it was the right choice. Having tried laser but finding it didn’t work on her lighter hairs, Shannon turned to hair removal cream, which she said worked – but almost too well. “It left my skin so smooth that make-up wouldn’t stay on properly for at least a day,” she notes.

As for shaving, Shannon says she didn’t mind the slightly prickly re-growth but found that her skin was too sensitive, and grew tired of having to shave the skin every week.

Her hero product, and one most women may not have considered before, is a Braun facial epilator, which she says she found online after a quick Google. An epilator is basically a machine which uses hundred of tiny tweezers to quickly and effectively remove hairs.

Yes, it hurts – “It’s by far the most painful method” – says Shannon, but the good points outweigh the bad. “My make-up went on like a dream afterwards, I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “it was well worth the slight pain.

Shannon’s pro tip? Buy a specific facial epilator rather than tackling your face with a larger version made for legs or underarms. “You don’t want to end up losing an eyebrow,” she recommends.

Noted. Now go forth and blitz that fuzz (y’know, if you want to).


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