Got Sparse Brows? Lena Dunham Has The Answer!

All hail Lena Dunham who's just shared a deadly beauty recommendation for dealing with our #BrowProbs.

We’re big fans of bold brows, but we’re not so happy that ours look sparse and wispy from all that over-plucking. #Grr. Major thanks to Lena Dunham then, for opening up her make-up bag and sharing her ultimate brow-enhancing beauty product to make those brows grow baby grow.

“In seventh grade, I plucked almost every hair out of my brows and started drawing them in with a dark brown eye pencil,” Lena explained on Instagram. “After that, they never righted themselves and so I’ve sketched them onto my face with varying degrees of success, envying every intact eyebrow I see.” Yep, we feel you Lena, but our fave Girls gal has found the solution.

“On the set of Scandal, the lovely make-up team introduced me to RevitaBrow. That was eight weeks ago and what you see are basically all new hairs from my pupil outward. I don’t even care if I find out this product has impregnated me with a devil baby because that is how happy I am to wake up with some semblance of eyebrows,” she wrote, sharing a snap of a fuller brow.

The deets on RevitaBrow? It’s a conditioning treatment containing a blend of scientifically-advanced peptides, revitalising extracts and nutritive vitamins. The not-so good news though, is that it’s not widely available in Ireland (unless you hit up eBay or Amazon) and, at €80, it’s defo one you wanna save for payday.

Pic credit: Instagram @lenadunham