Grooming Gurus Step Out To Celebrate Bulldog’s New Skincare Line


Well-known faces including Adam Fogarty and Rebekah O’Leary stepped out to celebrate Bulldog Skincare last week.

The event celebrated the brand’s 19 years of success and showcased a sneak peek of their latest launch.

How exciting?

Eric Roberts hosted the night and kept those in attendance entertained for the night.

Check out some of the pics below.

Daragh Curran, Eric Roberts, Ryan Mar and Paddy Smyth

Kerri Murphy, Michelle Carr and Amanda Davitt

Callyann Brennan, Lorna Spaine and Rebekah O’Leary

Emma Collins, Eric Roberts and Kerri Murphy

Sean Montague and Brendan Marc Scully

Benjamin Marley and James Hazlett

Amanda Davitt and Roisin Scanlan

Roisin Whelan and Jamie Dunne

Roisin Scanlan and Kerri Murphy

Eamon Walton and Lorna Spain

Simon James and Assim Missaoui

Jack Kavanagh and Adam Fogarty

Roisin Whelan and Jamie Dunne

Jack Kavanagh and Adam Fogarty

Kerri Murphy and Emma Collins

Ruth Beasley and Laura Payne

Jack Hudson and Fabiana Luz

Adam Wilkie and Sian Elstow

Adam Gabbett and Dean Kenny

Sam Kelly and Helen Galgey

Maurice Wright and Apostle

Harrison and Conrad Jones

Shannen Reilly McGrath

Eric Roberts

David Fitzpatrick

Debbie O’Donnell

Callyann Brennan

Rebekah O’Leary

Aindriú de Paor

Jake Leinster

Denzel Nwakor

Daragh Curran

David Treacy

David Bakare

Adam Fogarty

Paddy Smyth

Jack Hudson

Andrada Pop

Sam Kelly

Mimi Lane

Ryan Mar

Photos by Kieran Harnett