Halle Berry Has Finally Revealed Her Skin Routine, And We’re Trying It Immediately

So this is how she looks so great??



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Do you ever sit around and wonder what Hollywood superstar, Halle Berry does to get her skin looking so.damn.good? Because we do. 

And it looks like we need wonder no more, as Halle has finally shared her skincare routine with the world, and it’s not half as complicated as we thought it would be. 

Taking to social media, Halle showed off her simple four-step routine (Take note Kourtney Kardashian, with your 27 steps *shakes head*), and we had notepads at the ready. 

She begins by cleansing her skin with Olga Lorencin Rehydrating Cleanser, which she really puts to work by using a Philips facial cleansing brush. Halle says that cleansing is key, and needs to be done both morning and night to be effective. Halle doesn’t say this, but remember, if you’re looking to really cleanse all the dirt and grime from your face massage your cleanser into your skin for no less than 50 seconds. 

She then moves on to exfoliate using the v affordable Ole Heriksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub

“I’ve tried lots of (scrubs) over the years and it consistently stays my favourite” she said. 

After all that cleansing, she moves on to apply a hydrating mask (SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Mask), which she applies in a rather aggressive slapping motion. She says the slapping helps to wake up her skin, which sounds mad, but she does look about 12, so it must work? 

After letting the mask sit for around 15 minutes, she rinses it off and finishes up her routine with the Olga Lorencin Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum, which acts as a moisturiser. 

Et voila! Baby-like skin with very little effort.

What surprises us is that there’s not a bit of eye-cream in sight, but hey ho, maybe the slapping suffices that? We’ll be adding most of the products she used to our baskets soon anyway, all in search of that Halle glow. 


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