Have You Got Carb, Dairy Or Sugar Face?

From puffiness to extra pimples, here's how to spot if your diet is effin' up your skin, and what you can do about it.

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Last night you gorged on pizza. This morning your face looks bloated, puffy and you could swear you’ve got extra bags under your eyes. Sound familiar?

What you put in your bod can have major repercussions for your skin, and if you’ve had a heavy night of scoffing chocolate, ice cream, wine or, um, stuffed crust pizza you’ll likely see it on your face the next day.

The good news? Depending on what you’ve been binging on you can treat it and get your skin back to normal. Here’s what to look out for and how to combat it.

Sugar Face

If you’ve been eating more than your fair share of jellies and Dairy Milk it’ll likely show up in your skin as sagging under your eyes and a smattering of spots all over the face. You might also notice a greyish hue to your complexion and a gaunt look to your face.

Dairy Face

If your diet is too dairy-heavy you can expect to see darkness and bags under the eyes, and spots concentrated mostly on the chin.

Carb Face

Gals with a weakness for carbs will often experience extra puffiness in their face after eating an excess of bread, pasta, or pizza. The extra bloat is caused by water retention; as the body isn’t getting sufficient fluids from carby food, it hangs on to any extra hydration in areas such as the face and stomach, explaining the extra swelling. Bags under the eyes are also a big giveaway.

How to treat it

Whether you’re suffering from sugar, carb or diary face, the advice on how to treat it is the same.

Hydrate to the max

Up your intake of H2O in the days after a sugar, dairy or carb binge. It’ll help flush out excess fluids, give skin a natural plumpness and aid the pimple-healing process.

Clean up your diet

Switch out those sugary, dairy or carb-laden foods for lean meats and leafy greens. Choose your salt carefully too. Celtic sea salt will retain less water than regular old table salt.

Cut caffeine

Coffee is a diratic, and will only contribute to puffy-faced probs. Add to that, too much of it acts a stressor on the bod, causing extra pimples to pop up. Cut your regular three-cup-a-day habit down to just one daily brew, and you’ll have a slimmer, brighter, clearer face in no time.


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