Here’s 7 Glitzy Bits To Get You Into That Silly Season Spirit

It's never too soon for satin and sparkles

It seems as though half of the nation has been uttering that dreaded ‘C’ word for weeks now, and while we agree – it’s only feckin’ November, we’re also thinking, sure there’s probably no harm in being prepared… is there?

Seeing fashion brands dropping their Crimbo collections left right and centre the past few weeks has got us lusting after all things velvet, sparkly, satin, and shiny.

So, to scratch that itch, we have decided to put together a little list of all the glitzy bits we are adding to our shopping carts – every if it is only mid-November – as your mam always says, the early bird catches the worm, and sure isn’t she dead right.

While we’re not encouraging anyone to lose the run of themselves and buy a head to toe sequin jumpsuit (although, how fab would that be?!).

We’ve listed below the subtle, and not so subtle bits you can build up in your wardrobe now, that are sure to add a little bit of glitz to your silly season schedule, being the belle of the 12 pubs ball is what it’s all about really, isn’t it?

Rose Gold Satin Button Front Shirt – Pretty Little Thing – €32

Celestial Headbands – Urban Outfitters – €25

Purple Puff Sleeve Double Breasted Blazer – River Island – €87

Sequin High Neck Top – Topshop – €65

Glitter Lurex Ankle Socks – And Other Stories – €9

Satin Blouse With Tied Bow – Zara – €25

Asos Design Quilted Velvet Bag With Dragon Doorknocker – Asos – €24.89






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