Here’s How We Should Be Taking Care Of Our Hair In The Sun

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During the summer time, our hair can take quite a beating. While we’re well aware of the importance of lathering on some SPF all year round, and particularly in summer months, we rarely show our locks the same care.

From the sun’s UV rays to hopping into the salty sea for a swim, our hair takes the brunt of our summer activities, as one hairstylist, Earl Simms explained to Elle 

“The heat of the summer intensifies the damage that is done to the hair normally through using styling appliances. Chlorine from swimming pools and generally hair getting wet in the pool or sea and then drying in the sun repeatedly through the day takes its toll”

However, despite the extra pressure our hair is under, it doesn’t have to suffer as a result. Catching up with Peter Mark’s Ciaran Purcell, we got the scoop on all the ways we should be taking care of our hair during the summer.


First things first, if you want to do your hair any favors this summer you’ll want to give it some protection. For this a leave in treatment with UV protection will do the job. Just as you would protect your hair from a heat product you should always try to protect it from the sun, particuarly during sunny spells.



When we’re in the sun our hair tends to be sucked of moisture. For this reason it’s important we blast it with as much hydration as possible to make up the loss. When we’re showering we should consider putting moisture back into our locks through using an intensely hydrating shampoo and conditioner. If you’re an oily gal, swap out your usual shampoos for one with ingredients such as coconut water and antioxidants to keep your hair in good condition.

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If you’re a fan of a mask treatment every one in a while, why not make it a regular thing in your beauty routine during the hotter months? Slap on a hair treatment before you hop into the shower atleast once a week and bring some life back into your gruaige.



When you’ve washed, dried, and styled your hair as you please, be sure to treat it too. Grab your favourite oil and pop it throughout the ends of your hair when you’re finished styling it. If you want to really treat your hair, run a little through it during your nighttime skincare routine before going to bed, you can thank us later when you wake up with luscious locks.

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