Here’s How You Should Be Caring For Your Hair At Home According To Beyoncé’s Hairdresser

Roots, be gone!

We’re all following government guidelines and staying indoors, almost every appointment we’ve had has now been cancelled and our grown out shellacs and unkempt eyebrows are telling the tale of it. 

For us ladies who also dye our hair, not being able to visit the hairdresser for god knows how long is also becoming an increasing worry (so is the pandemic as a whole, but we’ll focus on the hair for now). Us blondes are going to brunettes by the time we come out of isolation, and those of you who rely on dye to cover up the greys – well god help you. 

Alas, not all is lost however! As Rita Hazan, hairdresser to the likes of Beyoncé and J-Lo has shared a few tips and tricks with Glamour on making our hair dye last longer, and it’s easier than you might have thought. 

Rita assures us that the key to making your dye last weeks (and months) on end is simple. It all boils down to haircare. 

Yep, who would have thought it? Actually taking care of our hair will benefit it? Madness!

Rita says that the healthier your hair is, the longer your colour will last. You see, colour fades quickly on damaged hair because it doesn’t take to it as well. 

If you’re looking for a healthy head, Rita recommends using gloss. Glossing is important. Shampoo, Gloss, Condition. No matter what you do, your colour will fade and dull naturally from environmental and mechanical (blow-dry, curling iron, flat iron) damage. Using a gloss will prevent hair colour from losing its lustre and will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and vibrant at all times.” Rita says. 

If you’re wondering what a hair gloss actually is, it’s a temporary shine treatment that helps with both the health and colour of your hair. Rita says that glossing your hair will help to put back the colour that you’ve washed out, overall leaving your colour long-lasting and more vibrant. 

Rita also recommends staying away from sodium chloride, sulphates and parabens. She also says that treating your scalp as you would your skin is the key to healthy hair and a long-lasting colour. So, and we’re really sorry to say this, but step away from the dry shampoo. Rita claims that dry shampoo only leads to clogged pores on your scalp. Instead wash your hair on a semi-regular basis to ensure your scalp is open and can breathe. 

Rita recommends using her Root Concealer while you are at the in-between stage of dyeing your hair, and also says the changing up your parting can camouflage a lot too. 

“You can also try changing your parting and having more of a messy style so that the growth is less obvious”

Genius! Catch me with a zig-zag parting tomorrow.