Here’s The €40 Foundation Olympic Synchronised Swimmers Use To Stop Their Make-Up Coming Off In The Pool

If it can stay put underwater then we're in.

US Synchro

While synchronised swimming certainly involves a whole lotta stamina, ability and poise, a massive part of the spectacle is also in the athlete’s appearance, and when the US swim team took to the Olympic pool in Rio on Sunday we were nearly as transfixed by how immaculate their make-up was as we were by their incredible skill.

How, while conducting underwater moves and a super technical routine, could the swimmers emerge from the pool looking hella flawless? Seriously, HOW?!

Well, according to the swimmers themselves it’s all down to one particular line of products: Make Up For Ever.

In an interview with Vogue, US swimmers Anita Alvarez and Mariya Koroleva revealed that they love the brand’s cult favourite Ultra HD Foundation, €40.50, as well as a few other products from the range.

HD Makeup Forever

“We use a lot of Make Up For Ever: Its foundation and mascara, and it also has a cream eyeshadow that’s already waterproof,” the swimming duo explain. “One of the competitions we go to is in Paris, where they sell all the make-up for really discounted prices. We stock up on all our make-up in Paris.”

Another of their pool-proof faves is MAC’s eyeshadows.

“There’s a liquid called Aqua Seal that you can add to any eyeshadow, and it’ll make it waterproof,” Anita and Mariya explain. “We use it with MAC eyeshadows, which have great colours.

“There’s a rule in synchro that your makeup has to be natural—not real-people natural, but synchro natural. We use neutral browns, and MAC’s Honesty is a nice one with some sparkle. Then we’ll put white or silver shadow under the brow to accentuate the eye a little more.”

Hey, if they can withstand an olympic swim routine, we’ll bet they’ll stay put while we’re lounging beachside on our summer vaycay too.