Here’s The Mascara Michelle Obama Swears By, In Case You Were Wondering

And it's just €16!


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Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself? I wonder what mascara does Michelle Obama use?

To be fair, probably not. But, we can all admit that she looked absolutely fire on Joe Biden’s inauguration day earlier this week, so we could all do with knowing how she looked so great. From the cinched waist to the blowout, Michelle’s look was head-to-toe perfection, and we’ve tapped in to some of her secrets.

Wearing Glossier, Pat Mcgrath, and Fenty Beuty for the occasion, Michelle’s make-up artist Carl Ray broke down her inauguration look, sharing with Elle the products that Michelle just keeps coming back for more of.

Speaking about creating the look on Michelle, Carl said: “I wanted her to have a powerful beauty look that would need to be achieved by playing up the top half of her face. I knew that since her whole face wouldn’t be visible, the eyes and lashes would be the star of this particular look.”

So, what products did Carl use on her eyes to create the look that is sure to go down in the history books.

Firstly, going in with neutral matte tones from the Viseart 01 Eyeshadow Palette, Carl created a backdrop for the rest of the eye-look. He then went in with liquid eyeliner using a combo of Permagel Eyeliner in Xtreme Black and Fenty Flyliner for that killer flick. And for the pièce de résistance, he used none other than Glossier’s Lash slick on both the top and bottom lashes, along with falsies ‘Lily Lashes’ on top.

This isn’t the first time Michelle has opted for Millenial favourite Glossier, as she’s often seen sporting their products at different events, including the time she wore their lip gloss at a speaker event (see below).


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On inauguration day Michelle also wore other mid-brand products (you know, not drugstore but also not super high-end products either, just that sweet sport of affordable luxury), including Fenty Beauty’s Matchstix Contour, and Anastasia Brow’s Dip Brow Gel.




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