Here’s The Supremely Manky Reason You Should Never Share Your Razor

...Or steal your roomie's one, for that matter. #GUILTY

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Let’s be honest here, this is a safe space. Have you ever nabbed your housemate’s/boyfriend’s/best friend’s razor in a moment of need? Probably.

Maybe you had sudden realisation while showering that you’d left your armpits just that ONE day too long. Or you were all about that 2am hook-up until you realised your legs resembled Chewbacca’s limbs.

Sometime’s there’s no other option but to nab that Gillette blade for a sneaky touch-up, even if it doesn’t belong to you. Plus, if the tables were turned, most of us would happily hand over our razor too if it was a close friend.


Well, next time you realise you’re in need of some grooming but don’t have your own razor to hand, we’d suggest holding out until you can get to Tesco to re-stock. Apparently, from a dermatology and health point of view, sharing a razor is a mortal sin.

In a recent interview quoted by Cosmopolitan this week, dermatologist Whitney Bowe said the dangers were mainly due to the potential spread of bacteria.

“Shaving results in tiny nicks in the skin and those openings can allow bacteria to enter and spread infection,” she explained.

“So theoretically, bacteria could transfer from the razor into these little nicks, which isn’t really ideal, especially if it’s someone else’s bacteria.”

But an infected shaving cut isn’t the only thing you should be wary of, advises Whitney.

“You’re vulnerable to warts and bacterial and fungal infections,” she adds. “If there’s blood on the razor from a previous cut, it could result in transmitting blood viruses.”

Yes, it could be a scaremongering at its best, but it’s certainly enough to persuade us to opt for third-day armpits rather than a borrowed razor next time.