Here’s Where You Can Buy Meghan Markle’s Signature Sandals

A peek inside her go-to shoedrobe.

Meghan Markle is queen when it comes to the capsule collection, and the Duchess of Sussex is often seen wearing certain pieces time and time again.

Knowing that a good, versatile purchase will take you far, Meghan has certain items which she has sworn by since her Tig days, long before meeting Prince Harry.

One of these items is her pair of trusty brown sandals. I mean, not ideal for our current Irish weather, but Ms Markle has proved that if you don’t wear them this season, not to worry, you’ll get years out of these sandals thanks to their comfort and durability.

Now, what sandals are we actually yapping on about? Well, the Sarah Flint ‘Grear’ sandals are what we’re talking about. Noted as a “bestseller” on Sarah’s website, the sandals have a massive fanbase including Halle Berry, Anna Kendrick and Meghan Markle to name a few.

Featuring soft leather and silk ribbons, these sandals grab the foot so beautifully, and we adore that they come in so many shades.

Price point wise, they’re not too outrageous at €233.56 for Meghan’s fave pair.

When it comes to bargain V blowout for these sandals, we’d definitely recommend investing in the real thing and appreciating the amount of time you get out of them.

In terms of shoes that are a little more weather appropriate, Meghan also swears by her trusty Veja runners.

A sustainable French brand, Veja use all local and organically sourced materials, making their runners the essence of comfort. I myself, STELLAR’s digital ed, swear by them and often wear the same pair as Ms Markle, the V-10’s with black detailing.

Price point wise, they retail at €125, however, they’re often cropping up in sales so keep an eye out for that too.


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