How Much?! Kim K Just Let Us In On Her €1,015 Daily Make-Up Routine

She just filled us in on EVERY product she uses on an average day - and none of 'em come cheap.

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Just yesterday Kendall Jenner had us feeling at ease with our finances when she revealed that she and Kim use a €3.50 drugstore shampoo – US brand Finesse – to keep their locks in check.

When it comes their faces though, the Kardashian-Jenner clan aren’t afraid to splash out, as is evident by Kim’s latest video update on her site. The mum-of-two detailed every product – and we do mean every product – she uses to get her face ready in a typical day.

The items in Kim’s daily beauty arsenal range from budget buys like Neutrogena make-up wipes (€4.99, for when she’s feeling “super sloppy”),  ( and Benefit High Beam (€24.75, when she’s out of Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer), to ultra-exxy products such as La Mer Perfecting Treatment (€180, when she’s in the mood for an “amazing” gel-like moisturiser).

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The grand total? Kim uses 25 different products, not including tools, with a final tally of €1,015.

Among the other products she lists in the video are:

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, €54
Kim wears this under foundation for some “extra glow.”

Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda, €167.60
An “amazing” alternative to GA’s Shaping Cream, which was discontinued last year.

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Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream, €28
Kim layers this creamy concealer over another drier concealer for that “dewy glow.”

Smashbox Bronzer, €33
Kim favours the discontinued shade Suntan Matte as part of a “mix” of a few different bronzers.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, €45
These shades are mixed with the Smashbox bronzer for the perfect combo. “I always start with my forehead, in the hairline,” Kim reveals.

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NARS Blush in Orgasm, €34.45
A classic. Kim applies this after her contour.

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L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer, €16.79
L’Oreal is the reality star’s “go-to” mascara brand.

NARS Sheer Lipstick in Belle De Jour, €26
Kim layers this over his little sister Kylie’s Candy K (which of course gets a nice little plug in the video).

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