How To Remove Your Hair Extensions At Home According To A Stylist

Desperate times call for desperate measures



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We’ve been without basic necessities like nail technicians and hairstylists for just over a month now (no, we’re not being dramatic, YOU are), and our appearances are telling the tale.

We’ve managed to remove our shellacs, and have figured out that parting your hair in a million different ways will cover up your dreadful roots, but for the gals who wear hair extensions, well, we’ve been left behind, forgotten about by the beauty pack, that is until now.


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If your extensions are growing out fast, celebrity hairstylist Shane O’Sullivan has you sorted. Sharing his step by step guide with us, you can quickly become an expert in hair extension removal from your sofa. All that’s needed is a removal emergency kit and a little bit of will power. You can easily find a kit online and have it delivered to your home. Easilocks, Shane’s own company, has released a kit, available to buy now.

Firstly, Shane recommends beginning by sectioning your hair horizontally using clips, leaving a small section at the bottom of your head.

Once this is done you can place the two teeth of the removal tool on the top and bottom of the itip lock and gently pinch. This will widen the lock back into its cylindrical form and it will now easily slide it off from your natural hair.

When each line of extensions has been removed, massage some hair Protection Oil into the root area as this will nourish and protect the area that has had the extensions. You can then leave it to soak in.

Continue to section off another row of hair and repeat the process until all of the tip locks have been removed.


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When all of the extensions are out, Shane recommends gently combing through your whole head. You should then apply a mask to nourish both your hair and scalp and lock-in moisture.

Et voila!

Be sure to hold onto the extensions you’ve removed, keeping them together and safe, so you can reuse them once salons are open again.

You can check out the Easilocks emergency removal kit here.