How To Repair Your Hair After Summer Damage

The best ways to bring your hair back to life.

via Julia Hym / Pexels

Summer, summer, summer. We wait patiently all year for those few days of sun. We diligently apply layer after layer of sun cream every couple of hours. But, what about our hair? We spend our days in chlorine-filled pools and the salt-ridden sea, while a literal ball of fire shines down on our gruaig, yet we do nothing to protect it.

For me at least, it has always led to a post-summer haircut, where the hairdresser removed the split ends and freshened my hair from the ground up. I sadly ended up with an unplanned bob on numerous occasions, as a result of the terrible condition my hair was in after the summer.

Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons says: “In the summertime, warmer weather, paired with a high UV index, can cause damage to the hair cuticle which will further increase the hair’s susceptibility to frizz, dryness and further breakage. Post-summer haircare that is super hydrating is important to restore and repair your strands to their natural, healthy state.”

So, what exactly can you do to combat the summer damage? Celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight says to start your routine with a double cleanse, just like you would with your skin.

“The first cleanse will remove pollution, product build-up and sebum, and the second cleanse will allow your hair to reap the benefits from your cleanser,” he says. Andrew agrees and adds, “When looking for a repairing product, definitely look for ingredients such as coconut oil to help deep condition your strands”.

When repairing our hair after a harsh summer we need to consider our hair types and goals as routines can differ depending on whether you have straight or coily hair. We’re more than acquainted with some of our fave bond treatments, Olaplex we’re looking at you.

The formulae are constantly improving and many have taken to using molecular bond repairing treatments instead of conditioner for some extra hydration adding some life back into lacklustre locks. Andrew recommends using a hair mask “at least once a week to strengthen your locks and a leave-in conditioner for daily use”.

Our treatment of our hair goes beyond those in-shower treatment moments. Switching your hairbrush for a softer bristled brush is a great idea to reduce any extra stress on your strands.

A silk pillowcase is also a very beneficial addition to your life particularly for those with curly or coily hair as it helps promote healthy, shiny hair and reduces breakage. Sam says “Curly, kinky and Afro textures can be fragile so gentle detangling, sleeping with a silk pillow and hair wrap to protect hair from friction.”

When drying the hair, a microfibre towel is a must-have for effectively drying your hair with little to no damage. I use mine every time I wash my hair and it wicks 90% of the water from my hair in as little as thirty minutes.

A worthy investment in both time and money for all of us hair gurus, it’s time to take a leap into hair repair and put some life back into our crowning glory.