How To Stay Warm While Still Looking Chic AF This Autumn

Us - 1, the weather - 0


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We all know the pain of organising a gorgeous outfit, getting ready, feeling like an actual model…and then realising it’s way too cold outside to actually wear it. A painful experience indeed. Well, we’re here to help with some tips and tricks to help you stay warm while looking you’re best.

Let’s get going…

Double (or triple) up on the tights


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Tights are Winter lifesavers, but let’s face it, they’re better than bare legs, but they don’t exactly protect you from freezing weather. Well, one pair doesn’t, but a few can provide a lot of warmth. Not only will this keep your legs warm, but it also has an airbrushing effect. Ever wonder how celebs have those flawless perfect legs? Yep, double tights, all your favs like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé love this method to get shiny legs during their performances.

Layering up in general


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We’re talking tanktops vests under your top, tights under your jeans, even 2 pairs of socks if it’s that cold. In general, it’s best to go baggier when layering as a tight fit looks bulky if you’ve got layers underneath.

Waterproof your shoes


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The cold and rain wreak havoc on our footwear. Luckily you can save your shoes from puddles and ponds with waterproofing. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually easier than you’d think. There are plenty of strange home remedies like putting Vaseline on your shoes. But your best bet is probably to get a professional spray. You can find these easily online or even in some sports shops.

Tucked is best


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We all know a cosy jumper can keep you warm like nothing else. But, how you wear it can make a big difference. Tucking your jumper and tops into your trousers will offer more insulation and provide more warmth.

Velvet is your new best friend

Finding a warm fabric that can be dressed up is quite the challenge. But velvet is the best bet. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and its rich look is perfect for Autumn/Winter style. And it also provides intense warmth. Sure playing it safe with a velvet top or dress is a great idea, but try incorporating it in different ways. Velvet trousers are super easy to style and will keep you warm all winter.

Words by Sláine McKenna