Hungry? A Dublin Salon Is Serving Food To Its Clients And The Menu Looks Unreal

No time for lunch because of your beauty appointment? Now you can do both at the same time.

Have you ever been sitting in the hairdressers, minding your own business, when your stomach decides to announce to the entire salon that it’s empty and needs some attention?

Yeah, same.

Luxury beauty salon Callan & Co, has a new and exciting food offering for clients so that we never have to go through that embarrassment again.

Located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, the salon has teamed up with Cocu to provide healthy menu options for beauty lovers receiving their treatments.

Cocu was born from a love of quality food and a desire to eat healthily, while also maintaining a busy lifestyle. For that reason, it’s the perfect fit for Callan & Co.

We’ve had a peek at the menu and it’s full of serious must-haves. Our personal faves include Sourdough Toast with Spinach, and the energy pot with toasted organic oats, nuts and seeds – yum!

Have you ever heard of anything more fab? Didn’t think so.

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