I Laminated My Brows At Home And Here’s What Happened

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, amiright girls? With the closure of salons up and down the country still ongoing amid the pandemic, so many of us have turned to DIY’ing our beauty regimes – myself included.

I’ve chopped off the ends of my hair (please don’t tell my hairdresser), waxed my own legs, and most recently laminated my eyebrows.

Soap brows are the latest craze in the beauty world. We’ve waved goodbye to Insta-brows and welcomed in a more natural look with open arms. The aim of the ‘soap brow’ look is to push brows upwards, holding them firmly in place while giving them a fuller-thicker effect, making them appear naturally fluffy. But with all ‘super natural’ beauty trends, it takes a lot of hard work to be so… effortless. Like the messy bun that takes approx 20 minutes and 3 meltdowns to perfect in the morning, the soap brow look takes the same amount of dedication to achieve, but the results? so bloody worth it IMO.

So, with salons shut I did what anyone with a brain would recommend against, and ordered myself a brow lamination kit I randomly found online. If you’re mad, and desperate, like me, there are plenty of great kits to choose from. After doing some research the most popular one my findings yielded is the Iconsign Lash Lift Kit – this covers both perming your lashes and your brows, so handy for any guys or gals out there looking for a double lift.

Conscious of the fact that I was about to put perming solution near my eyeballs, I knew I needed to become an expert fast, so I did what I know best and watched a tonne of YouTube videos before attempting it myself.

For legal reasons, I am not recommending anyone to give this a go themselves, but after giving myself a patch test the day before, reading the instructions provided in the kit, and watching 200 YouTube tutorials, here are the steps I took to laminate my brows.

  • First, I cleaned my brows and the skin around them using the cleansing serum provided. Then, I created a barrier around my brows with some Vaseline. I applied this underneath my brows and about 2cm above them – this helps to protect the skin.
  • Next, I shaped my brows upwards into the shape I wanted them using the lash glue – they looked absolutely mad here but I trusted the process nonetheless.
  • The next step was to apply the perm solution on top of the shaped brows with a cotton bud and allow it to sit. To make sure that my brows weren’t budging I also popped some cling film over them while I waited for 10 minutes.
  • Scraping the perm solution off with the tools provided, I then applied the fixation and waited for a further 10 minutes.
  • Once that was done I cleaned my brows using a little micellar water, popped on some of the growth serum, and voila! I was good to go.

The process seems a little daunting at first, but once you get your head around it, it’s really quite simple, and painless in every sense of the word. As for the results, I was absolutely delighted with them. Straight away the lift entirely changed the shape of my brows and in turn my face. I had to do little more than run a spoolie through them on any given day and I looked put together – bliss if you’re a lazy gal like me.

My brows did feel a little fried afterward, so I made sure to apply the growth serum on them at least once a day, which truly is magic in a tiny bottle. After using this stuff for a couple of weeks I noticed my eyebrows growing better than they have in years, and as a result, my brows are now thicker than they’ve ever been. The kit I used lasts around 6-8 uses I would reckon, so for €20ish, you’re getting a fair bit of bang for your buck.

The lifted effect lasted for around 6ish weeks and I already can’t wait to get my lamination on again! But of course, I’d like my eyebrows to be with me for the long-haul, so I give them an 8-week break in between laminating them. Which means that in two weeks’ time I’ll be slicking up those bad boys once again – sad brows no more!


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