I’m Not A Self Tan Girl, But Cocoa Brown’s Sunshine Serum May Have Converted Me

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I rarely use self tan.

In fact, I’ve never used a developing self tan.

I’ve thrown some instant tan on my legs before an event, I’ve popped a bit of tinted moisturiser on my face to give it a mild glow, but I’ve never sat down, grabbed a mitt, and embarked on a tan night.

Over the years, I’ve watched my friends go all out to achieve that bronzed look. They schedule in time, they prep to perfection, and emerge the next day as if they’ve just stepped off a plane from Greece in August.

I do tan naturally easily (when there’s actually sun in the sky, looking at you Ireland), and I have quite sallow skin, but the predominant reason I had never ventured into the self tan realm was because I was afraid… of patches.

Streaks on my arms, lines on my wrists, brown-ish crusty looking patches in every crevice of my body… I feared it. And honestly, I just couldn’t be bothered with the effort.

Then I tried Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter’s Sunshine Serum, and girls, I may actually be a self tan covert.


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The brand’s newest range is the perfect combination of self tan and skincare, which is probably why I liked using it so much. Sunshine Serum is available for the body and face, and comes in a range of shades from medium to extra dark.

Its fusion of hydration, peptides, and radiance leaves your skin looking bronzed, but also feeling silky smooth too. While applying, it didn’t feel like I was using a self tan at all. I could’ve been doing my regular skincare routine… except it was going to leave me radiant in 6-8 hours.

I used extra dark for my body and medium for my face. The serums were so easy to apply and I had finished everything in about 10 minutes – the process was a whole lot faster than I thought it would’ve been.

I had pictured myself applying long into the afternoon, struggling to reach every part of my body, worried that I was going to end up streaky and wild. But that didn’t happen… at all!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my gorgeous bronzed skin develop over the course of a few hours. It looked natural and felt amazing, and my face had a stunning glow usually only reserved for hot countries and trips away.

Cocoa Brown recently entered a new era. The brand has a new clean and contemporary aesthetic – as well as a whole range of stunning new products that now I’m only dying to try.

Sunshine Serum is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and rejuvenating peptides to combat fine lines and wrinkles too. After my tan developed, I wasn’t just looking fab, I also felt it too. My new tan left me feeling confident and I was only gasping to go out and show it off.

Which I did, immediately.

Sunshine Serum is available at Cocoa Brown stockists now – including Boots!