Is Eyeliner Wrecking Your Vision?

Fan of inner-rim eyeliner? It's feckin' with your eyesight apparently.

alexa chung eyeliner

Ever find that applying eyeliner can be a major ordeal? If it’s not wonky, it’s smudged, and if you do get it perfect, you’ve accidently wiped it off before lunch. Ugh. #FirstWorldProblems.

Well, now we’re hearing that the way you apply eyeliner can actually be super bad for your eyesight. If you’re a fan of applying pencil to the inner rim of your eye, you better be careful, because particles from your pencil can actually migrate into your eye. Ick!

In a study published in the Eye and Contact Lens journal, researchers had three women apply glittery pencil liner to both the inside and outside of their lash line. The make-up which sat inside the lash line wore off much faster – within five to 10 minutes in fact, while 30% of the glitter that sat outside the lash line had migrated into the eye.

Yep, that means your eyeliner, which is made up of chemical thickeners and pigments, is floating around your eyeball, and over time can cause lasting damage to your vision.

So what are your options? We say it’s best to be on the safe side and keep the inner rim look for special occasions, to cause minimum contamination.

Pic credit: Eyeko