Is It Ever Okay To Pop A Pimple? We’re Getting Some Facetime To Find Out

We all do it, but is it really that bad? We asked an expert if it's ever okay to mess with your face.

Don't pop a pimple

It’s the size of a golf ball, it’s staring right at us, and conveniently it’s popped up right before that big party we’re off to. We know we shouldn’t – but we just can’t help it. POP! We’ve squeezed that little blighter into oblivion. Yep, pimples are impossible not to pick at but is zapping a zit reeeeeally so bad? We spoke to Aisling Cleary, Registered General Nurse at River Medical to find out.

5 times we pop

  1. When we can’t resist
  2. When we’ve a date
  3. When there’s a big yellow head (soz!)
  4. When it’s all red and sore
  5. When we’re bored at work

What’s so bad about popping pimples anyway?
“It spreads infection, delays healing time and worst of all, can potentially cause scarring. Touching your face invites more bacteria and squeezing drives infectious material deeper into the skin.” Oh. Yikes.

But we can get away with it sometimes though, right?
“Only when the spot reaches a head.” That’s the white, gooey bit to you ‘n’ me, sister.

So when should we absolutely not pop a pimple?
“Don’t touch it when it’s angry-red, sore and has no head; what we commonly refer to as an ‘under grounder’.” Note to self: not a cool band, but a horrid boil.

And what’s the best way to do it?
“If you absolutely have to do it, wait until the spot reaches a head and then with squeaky clean hands and a tissue, gently apply pressure. If it doesn’t pop – don’t force it.” Roger that.

So we’ve squeezed the little blighter. Now what?
“Apply an antiseptic cream. At River Medical, we recommend PCA Acne Gel which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.” Duly noted.

We’re an impatient bunch. Is there anything we can do to make it heal up a little quicker?
“We recommend using a treatment like PCA Skin Acne Gel.”

What can we do to prevent getting more of them?
“Cleanse thoroughly with a balanced cleanser and don’t over-treat your skin with acne products. Don’t skip moisturiser either, as this’ll increase oil production. Avoid over-touching your skin. Clean phones and makeup brushes regularly, and try to wear a breathable foundation.”

So there you have it. Now there’s only one question left to ask; are you gonna pop or not?