It’s Bad News, Guys. Looks Like Sephora Might Not Be Coming To Ireland After All

This is the last thing when need on a Monday.


Cast your mind back to October and you might remember a tingly feeling of excitement.

Why? Cos skin expert Caroline Horan pretty much confirmed the news that Sephora was coming to the UK, and in turn, it was assumed that the brand would be making its way over to Ireland shortly afterwards, just in the same way brands like Forever 21, Hollister and Urban Outfitters had done before it.

At the time, Caroline Hiron sent UK and Irish beauty fans into meltdown with the news, tweeting “Sephora confirmed opening in the U.K. It’s happening people. #bbloggers.”

Others reported seeing Sephora hoardings in a Westfield centre near London, and so it looked like a dead cert that the store would also be arriving on our shores in the not so distant future.

Sadly, now we have an update and if you’ve been waiting with baited breath to max out your card in a local Sephora, then it ain’t good news.

Jane Cunningham AKA British Beauty Blogger has written a blog post on beauty news quelling the rumours.

Basically, it’s not happening guys.

“Sephora News: So, the latest updates on will-they-won’t-they come to the UK is that…brace yourselves…they won’t,” she announced.


“It’s very hard to know quite how this story began but at a certain point Sephora were definitely sounding out brands about stocking in the UK,” she then added.

“Sephora is zero on communication so getting a definitive answer about their plans is a hopeless task. I reckon they were seriously looking at it and lost their nerve. In fact, I think it’s way too late for them.”

Ugh. Our poor broken hearts.


Thankfully, Jane did offer one tiny glimmer of hope. “Sephora concessions opened up in JC Penney across the US in 2015 – there can’t NOT have been discussions for this model in the UK,” she speculates.

If that happens, surely Ireland will get a look in too, right? RIGHT?

Here’s hoping. We’ll keep you updated, but in the meantime you can cheer yourself up with the news that a giant Urban Decay store is set to open on Grafton Street.

At least that’s something, eh?


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